Mad Scientist Slots

Scientific Advancement meets slots in this great new and exciting game Mad Scientist Slots from Betsoft. It comes with a catchy story line, and very impressive 3D graphics. The story line goes that Dr. Walter Prescott has recently discovered a formula to convert any number of inanimate objects into pure gold, a bit reminiscent of the Rapunzel story.

Game Features and Play

Mad Scientist Slots is a simple five-reel video slot game with a 30-line slot machine, but though it may be simple it makes sure to offer a variety of play features to entice the pickiest of players. The theme of the game stays true to its scientific foundation. Every time the reels spin, you are met with the exciting sounds and visuals of a mad scientists’ lab. Electrical shocks begin shooting through the system, and provide that authentic mad scientist feel. If you get three scattered test tubes and you're taken to the first of the bonus games, which offer an opportunity, make a little extra money. The bonus game as with the rest of the slot game remains within the fantasy story. As you enter the bonus game you become part of the team as the Mad Scientist conducts his final test for his Turn To Gold serum. You select an object to be tested with the serum. Once you're able to help the Mad Scientist complete his testing, you will then get your winnings awarded. Also featured a "Tesla Coil Wild'o'Cution." When you get a Tesla Coil symbol on either the 1st or 5th reels, on pay lines 1, 2, or 3, you get the Wild'o'Cution. Then you see the Tesla coils activate, stocking both themselves and all the symbols between them will instantly transform into wild symbols, which leads to an increase in your chances of winning! The last bonus feature is the "Bio Pick Me" feature. Get 3 or more Bio Hazard symbols on any active pay line with a winning combination, and you activate the bio pick me feature. There is a minimum wager of 1 coin, and a maximum wager of 150. You can wager from 1-5 coins per line, and the coin denominations are .02, .05, .10, .25, .50, and 1.00. The default bet is .10.

Play Mad Scientists Slots Now

Mad Scientists slots offers an old story line with a fresh reboot and a modern 3D appeal. The bonus opportunities are a lot of fun and the game interface is visually appealing. Check out Mad Scientist Slots now and collect your winnings. Betsoft continues to impress.