7 Reel Slots

Gods of Luxor Slots

Nothing has come close to the crazy and cool slots game of seven reels and nine paylines that is found at the Liberty Slots Casino. Most slots games have five reels and a number of different paylines but to find a game with seven reels is just outstanding and one that is crazy fun at the same time just adds to any players excitement. Lucky Sevens slots is one of the two seven reel slots games that can be found at the Liberty Slots Casino and is a testament to the versatility and expertise of the software provider Wager Gaming Works.

Cool and Crazy Fun

In this cool and exciting seven reel slots game there are seven reels and nine paylines. Players can choose to place bets on one or more of the paylines depending on their budget but where possible it is always advised to place a maximum coin bet even if the coin size is not the highest. Symbols in this game include a bag of money, gold bars of different sizes, poker chips, billiard balls, cherries and of course the crazy lucky seven disc. Once set in motion players can choose the stop spin feature which allows them to stop the spinning reels mid spin in the hope of landing more winning combinations. There is also an auto play feature which can be chosen where players can choose the number of reels that they want the game to run for consecutively leaving them hands free to do other things or just sit back and watch the excitement unfold.

Win up to 2500 Coins From Seven Lucky 7s Symbols

The highest payout in this crazy cool and tantalizing game is when players land seven of the Lucky 7's symbols on an active payline in which case they are awarded 2500 coins. After that the next highest payout is awarded for 7 of the money bag symbols and players will receive 1000 coins. The different payouts for configurations of different symbols can be reviewed in the payable of this crazy game. No matter which symbol is used to make up a winning line, it will flash or fill with color or spin to let the player know that a win has been awarded. With seven reels and nine paylines this slots has a lot to offer each player in addition to the crazy cool feeling of playing a seven reel slots game!