How to hit the biggest slot jackpots

Gods of Luxor Slots

With slot’s built-in simplicity, exciting sound and images, as well on its play and presentations, the slot machine now is a crowd favorite. But, the ringing bell and bright light is not the only reason why players want to play slots. During March 2003, there’s a man who entered Excalibur Hotel & Casino at Las Vegas strip. He placed a $3 in Megabuck slots machine, then gave one spin. In just one minute, he already won $39 million, which is a very big record, being the biggest jackpot in slots machine that was paid out -ever. Is there a system that he followed rigorously when playing slots? Is he the master in the strategies on slots machines? What type of knowledge does he have when playing in slots machines that gives him the jackpot prize? There might be no accurate answers in the questions above, mostly the educated slot players will just say no to those questions and say it is a matter of luck. But, it must not deter you in making a step by step guide in order to become a winner for the jackpot in slots and have the possibility of getting millions of dollars by pressing a single button or just pull one lever. Below are some tips that will help you understand what he did right.

Play with the maximum coins

Another famous slot machine tale tells of a young man from England who visited Las Vegas and played the Megabucks machine. The results of his spin showed that he had won the jackpot. Unfortunately, he only inserted his last $2 into the machine, thus making him ineligible to win the multi-million dollar jackpot. Although he did take home around ten thousand dollars, his lack of one more dollar cost him a chance to win millions! The downside to this approach is that it can rapidly consume a bankroll. With some of the newer video slots, you may have to wager up to seventy-five times the minimum bet in order to be eligible to win the big money. If you really want to go for a jackpot, be sure that you have enough to cover, playing the maximum number of coins every time. If you don’t have enough of a bankroll to cover your play at a $5 machine, try a $1 or 25c machine. The jackpot may not be as high, but you’ll give yourself multiple chances to win!

Play the best progressive slots

The progressive slots machine are the ones that take some of the bet’s portion and then add it up to a growing prize of jackpot. When this bet’s fraction is placed in the pool of jackpot, you can see the display of a growing jackpot. It's important to realize though that the more people play the game thee bigger jackpot is, so if you want to get maximum from your luck you need to choose the most popular progressive slots with biggest jackpot that grows back quickly even if somebody won it before. As of today the best progressive slots are: