Comparing Online Casino Bonus Options

Gods of Luxor Slots

The fact that the majority of online slot players will bounce around to different casinos to sample new slot games has in fact been verified by at least one source. An online gambling survey was conducted with the basic intention of comparing the benefits that online blackjack players get from gaming as opposed to those of slot players. Being that new slot machines are constantly coming out it is important to know what keeps players happy and how they benefit. Another reason that players tend to bounce around is because of the welcome bonuses which offer free money.

Blackjack players do not get the same benefits as slot players though. Blackjack players do not look for that added challenge but seem to prefer the standard version of blackjack because they know the rules and the game flow. Blackjack players are more likely to remain faithful and work towards getting the loyalty bonus that casinos offer. Very rarely does a new variation of blackjack appear so players either love blackjack or they don't. Blackjack players are more content just remaining where they feel comfortable. Plus, there is really no benefit to changing casinos when the next casino is going to host the very same blackjack version.