Choose Your Bets With Online Roulette

There is no doubt that roulette is one of the most exciting games in any casino. Everyone is familiar with the roulette wheel and its mix of black and red numbers and odd and even numbers. Placing bets in roulette is easier than in some other casino games because it is easier to understand the basics. Whereas poker could take you ages to learn how to play, roulette is a lot easier and more exciting even for a beginner – especially when you play online.

Try your hand at two versions

Silver Oak casino has two different kinds of roulette game you can play. You can choose to play according to American rules or European rules, but both have the same familiar layout so go with the one you are most familiar with for starters.

As you will see the bets are clearly laid out in each game. For example the smallest bet you can make is a dollar. The maximum bet in American roulette is a hundred dollars, whereas the European game has a slightly lower maximum at ninety nine dollars. It’s up to you how much you feel comfortable in betting, but if you are a beginner it’s probably best to stick with low bets to begin with.

Which types of bets are for you?

You will see that the most basic bets are clearly stated on the table itself. For example if you feel that red could be lucky for you, you can place a bet that the ball will come down on any red number. Alternatively you could do the same with black instead.

The numbers are also split in two broad groups. You could choose to bet on odd number or even numbers, or go for low or high numbers with your bet. With regard to low numbers these go from one to eighteen, whereas the high numbers are from nineteen to thirty six. Any of these could produce a winning bet for you – and of course the odds are better for an odds or evens bet than they would be if you bet on one single number.

Pick your twelve

You’ll notice you can also place a bet on the first, second or third twelve on the table. These go from one to twelve and so on through all thirty six numbers. Could you be feeling lucky with one of these groups?

The more you understand about the way roulette is played, the more you will enjoy placing your bets and seeing if you pick the right ones.