An Eye on Various Types of Slots

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When you visit a casino you have lots of games to choose from. You can decide to play cards or dice games or a slot machine. If you decide to play on slots, you can find different variety of machines available in the casinos.

Slot machines are one of the most popular gambling methods available in casinos. They are also known as one armed bandits as it had a lever on one side just like an arm. Even today, slot machines have this kind of arm along with a button in front. The new computer technology has brought about lot of changes in the concept of slot machine; however they still remain the most profitable mode of earning in casinos.

One most popular slot machine is called Three Reel Slot Machine: Reel is basically referred to different parts within the machine and every reel has different symbols which are diamond, heart, liberty bell, spade and horse shoe. The modern machines have oranges and cherries symbol along with the traditional ones. All three reels spin when the arm is pulled. The jack pot is hit when the reel stops at the selected symbol. It can be played for as low as a one cent and for as high as hundred dollars for one chance pull.

Five Reel Slot Machines: It is almost the same as the three reel slots. The only difference is that it has five reels instead of three and most machines require playing with five coins. The average of winning a larger pay out attracts lots of players towards this machine.

Multi Line Slot Machines: They include all three types that are three reel, five reel as well as video slot machine. It is attractive to the player because it allows several betting on the pay line. This increases the chance of winning fixed amount of money available on the additional line combination which is available on this kind of machine along with the jackpot. As the player can bet up to 20 pay line usually player end up using more money on these machines.

Multi Spin Slots: Their main attraction is that they have the most frequent pay out, although they are lowest of any slot machines. These machines can also be three reel or five reel machines.

Progressive Slot Machines: Progressive slots can be individual or it can be grouped together as it is connected to other machines in the same casino or with other casinos. They allow the largest jack pots because when a player bet on it the small percentage is put into the jack pot, which is available across every machine. You can see the increasing total above the machine. In order to win you need to hit the right combination, which happens once in a while only.