Double Diamond Slots

With the wide array of video slots available today, it's easy to forget about the classics; one of the greatest slots of all time is Double Diamond, but unfortunately US players can't enjoy it. Instead, we offer you number of fantastic US friendly slot games for your chance to play and win with Diamond slots!

US friendly Diamond Slots

Double Diamond Slots are Everywhere!

Well, not quite…but those who love this amazing slots game will be pleased to learn that it is still available in many brick and mortar casinos as well as those that are exclusively online. Either way, traditional casino fun is waiting for you with Double Diamond slots! Whether you want to play in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or your living room, you should give the incredible Double Diamond slots game a chance today!

Double Diamond has a Long History!

Casinos have been featuring the Double Diamond slots game since the mid 1980's, and it has always been a popular crowd pleaser. With the classic sounds and traditional slot machine symbols, Double Diamond has withstood the test of time only to come out on top in the online gaming world. Players can now enjoy this classic casino game from the comfort of their own home without giving up any of the excitement they feel in a traditional casino. Double Diamond slots exists today in different formats online; some casinos provide the traditional 3 reel, 1 payline slot machine that has always been popular in Vegas, while others have catered to the modern player and updated Double Diamond into a 5 reel, 20 payline delight. Either way you play, you're certain to love the game and the history behind it.

Symbols and Winning in Double Diamond Slots.

In the classic version of Double Diamond slots, players will enjoy their original favorite symbols of cherries, 7's, BAR's, and the Double Diamond symbol, which can be worth up to 800x your bet! While the jackpots on this classic slot machine game aren't overwhelmingly huge, players tend to win smaller pots more often. Newer versions of Double Diamond slots can be found in many online casinos, which offer the all the frills of a video slots game like adjustable bets, bonuses, wild cards, and free spins. If you're a slots player that likes to keep you gaming 21st Century friendly, check out the one of the newer versions of Double Diamond slots today.

What Are You Waiting For?

Double Diamond slots is an incredible game for both the traditional slots enthusiast and the modern video slots player. Playing the classic version? You're sure to love the intoxicating whirl of the 3 reels and the hypnotic casino sounds. Playing an updated version? These players love the adjustable bets, choice of paylines played, potential jackpots, and free spins. Regardless of which version of Double Diamond slots you decide to play, make sure to remember that you're engaging in classic casino fun…without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch or computer chair.