Diamond Jackpot Progressive Slots

As a true tip of the hat to the classics Diamond Jackpot Progressive slots offers a return to simple, streamlined slot play. This three reel one payline slot is a great slot for those that have never tried their hand at the reels. With uncomplicated features and very easy to read and understand paytables this is a great started slot. However, unlike some of the old style slots, this one offers a great maximum bet that really provides winning opportunities. The entire online experience is designed to be a good representation of a casino slot machine. The reels are front and center and all the controls you need to adjust your wager amount are located right at the bottom of the screen. There are traditional slot sound effects and background music and credits and winning amounts are displayed to the left of the reels.

Playing The Game

This is really simple slot to play. Players will be prompted to choose a wager amount per coin which can be a low of just five cents to a high of five dollars. Then, using the bet one button, you choose to bet either one, two or three coins on the spin. This provides a good range for wager amounts from just five cents to up to fifteen dollars per spin.

Symbols To Watch For

With only one payline winning combinations are easy to spot. Symbols on the reels include the traditional slot machine favorites of cherries, bars and sevens. However, as the name Diamond Jackpot Progressive slots implies, diamonds are also on the reels. All symbols pay out when three are present however cherries pay out when one or two are on the reels on the payline. The payout for bars increases with the number of bars, followed by sevens with diamonds offering the top payout prize. Any combination of three bars will pay out as they don't all have to be the same. This really increases your winning opportunities.

The Progressive Feature

Progressive slots allow a jackpot to continue to increase as all people playing the slot place wagers. The only time you can win the progressive jackpot is if you are playing all three coins. One coin or two coins pay out handsomely at 1000 and 2000 respectively, but to really connect you have to be playing 3 coins. Diamond Jackpot Progressive slots is a great slot game with a lot of winning options. That constantly increasing jackpot also adds to the excitement of the game and, if you win, it may just have you seeing diamonds in your future.