Crazy Pizza Slots

Crazy Pizza Slots is a progressive slot game that is delivered by Top Game. There are three reels and only one pay line and you can play with coin values that are as low as a penny up to five bucks with a top limit of three coins. You can win a top jackpot of 6,000 coins. That jackpot is not part of the progressive jackpot either, which can be worth a hundred grand, easy. The theme, as you may have guessed in pizza! This game can be played in a practice mode or by downloading it and playing for real money. Be prepared for some delicious fun! You also can choose your own audio music in this slot game. There are some nine winning combinations used in this slot game. The more coins that you play with the higher your winnings will be.

What goes with Pizza?

The symbols used in this slot game include anything that relates to pizza like different toppings, pop, tomato sauce and pizza slices. Three Pizza slices wins you the top jackpot! The Pizza Slice is the wild symbol so it can be substituted for any other symbol to create more winning combinations for you. Three Pizza Slice symbols will win you the top jackpot of 6,000 coins. In this slot game putting a big fat pizza stain on your shirt will pay off, contrary to what your mother might have said. Get some tomato sauce on your shirt and you win. One stain gets you three coins, two gets you six coins, but three stains get you 15 coins. Other ways to win include getting the cheese bars, or drinking three pops.

Auto Play Feature

Auto play is an available feature in Crazy Pizza Slots so be sure to give it a try. Here, you can set the game to play for you while you walk away from it to do whatever you need to do. Set it for as many automatic spins as you’d like. The game will stop if you win. Give this a try! Why not order yourself a pizza and give this slot game a try? Have your own little pizza party but this is one where you could put some big cash in your pocket. What could be better than a hot juicy pizza and some extra loot? Download and play Crazy Pizza slots today!