Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry Slots is just that - crazy! It might only have three reels but these are three action packed reels where players can choose to place one, two, three, four or five coins per spins. The size of the coin that a player chooses also varies greatly from a small $0.01 up to $10 for the high rollers. Players have to place bets on each spin but they do have the choice of how many coins they bet. The winnings are directly related to the number of coins that are bet per spin and as players can view in the pay table the highest payout is awarded when three of the Crazy Cherry symbols land on the payline when a five coin bet has been placed. In this case 5000 coins are awarded. It does not take a lot of math to work out that if the player has chosen a $10 coin size and lands the three Crazy Cherry symbols on his screen then he wins $50000- not bad for one spin.

Wild Wins in Crazy Cherry Game

Even with a four coin bet the winnings are very generous where 4000 coins are awarded when three of the Crazy Cherry symbols land on the active payline. For a three coin bet, 3000 coins are awarded and a two coin bet awards 2000 coins whereas a single coin bet awards 1000 coins which is also nothing to be scoffed at. In addition to these potentially enormous wins, the Crazy Cherry symbol also acts as a wild and if a single cherry symbol lands on a payline with an a single coin bet, the winnings are multiplied 200x for a two coin bet, the player receives 400 x the coin bet placed and for a three coin bet the player receives 600 x the coin bet placed. Naturally a four coin bet will award a higher amount of 800 x the coin bet placed and a five coin bet will award the highest amount of 1000x the coin bet placed. Other symbols in this simple yet exciting game include single, double and triple bars together with a red 7 all of which offer their own winning options. This game can be played for fun or practice but with such a simple way to play and everything explained on the screen in front of the player it does seem best to just go ahead and place small coin bets for real money and get to know the game that way. There is no auto play feature and no other additional features but this does not distract from the pure enjoyment superb graphics and great winning potential that this simple three reel slots game offers.